“I decided to learn something that I could do no matter where I lived – I became a hairdresser. I chose hairdressing because it is a useful skill and one that I could always go back to. Knowing this gave me great security and the freedom to explore other avenues.”

Andrew G. Vajna

“When you work with Andy, the buck stops with him. I don’t deal with anybody else. It becomes very much Andy’s movie, one singer, one song.”

Danny Cannon, director of Judge Dread

“Andy doesn’t compare to anybody else in this business. Andy is unique, he’s independent; he’s a rare blend of entrepreneur and film maker. He puts his money on the line time and time again, and he’s won as big as anyone in this town. You’ve got to admire somebody like that.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dream Works SKG Partner

“When Andy gives you his word, you know it’s good. And no matter how tough the going gets, you can count on him. He’s got nerves of steel.”

Joe Roth, chairman, Walt Disney Motion Picture Group

“The profession is never boring. I have found the interesting things in everything I have ever done. So none of my occupations ever seemed like work.”

Andrew G. Vajna

“You can’t make an actor act. You have got to create an atmosphere he wants to perform. It can be hell.”

Andrew G. Vajna

“Working with Andy was the best experience of my career and he makes the world’s greatest bouillabaisse.”

Steven de Souza, screenwriter Judge Dredd

“He’s got great respect for the director and courage to do projects that aren’t so easy… He won’t let you down; you can trust him.”

Paul Verhoeven, director of Total Recall

“He’s one of the few people around with the balls to play with his own money. His word carries a lot of weight. He’s personally out on the line. It’s always given me a lot of respect for him. Andy is always involved. He’s your partner or your boss, but he offers guidance as opposed to instructions… He approaches business in a sort of family style. He keeps the same friends for 30 years, and that’s kind of remarkable.”

John McTiernan, director of Medicine Man and Die Hard With a Vengeance

“I fell in love in love with Andy the moment I met him, because for once I’d met a Hungarian in Hollywood who was not only more successful than I was, but also crazier.”

Joe Eszterhas

“Vajna defined what would become known as the ‘big action picture’. He really has a wide range of talent and ability.”

Tim Warner, general chairman of film company NATO / ShoWest

“We’re glad to be a part of your lifetime.”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore to Andy when he received NATO/ShoWest Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995

In Cannes for nearly 50 years

‘I have visited the Cannes Film Festival for the first time in the beginning of the 70s, and ever since then, I have never skipped it. I can be grateful to Cannes, this is where I have met Mario Kassar, with whom we have launched our film corporation, Carolco’ says Andy Vajna.

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Film about Puskas

‘As a producer I’ve been thinking for a long time how best to create an exciting film for worldwide audiences that can bring back the interesting life of Puskas, one of the world's most famous Hungarian soccer player. We’ve started to work on this with Joe Eszterhas, he is already writing on the script of the film. We are a great team with Joe, we made several films together, the last one was the Children of Glory’, announced Andy Vajna.

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Evita’s success

In 1997, 20 years ago, Evita won the Golden Globe for Best Picture – Comedy or Musical. The main characters of the film were played by Madonna and Antonio Banderas, and the movie soundtrack was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story focuses on the life of Argentinian political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Juan Perón, President of Argentina. The film, directed by Alan Parker, was shot in Argentina and in Hungary; one of the movie producers, Andy Vajna, played a key role in this decision.

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